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"Money extremely well spent! Best training we have ever done! Bo is one obedient pup now!"-Kathleen

"I cannot thank Kieli enough for the work she has done with my dog Sophie. Sophie is a sweet black lab that we love dearly who has a "strong" personality. She is very smart and knew what she was supposed to do but only did things when she wanted to. I could not walk her without being dragged. She would not come when called and was difficult when trying to greet people at the door. After working with Kieli it's been an amazing change. She is her sweet lovable self but now does what she is supposed to when asked. I cannot even believe it myself. Our friends have also noticed how well behaved she has been. You have to be committed to working with your dog daily to reinforce the good behaviors but Kieli's knowledge and expertise makes it so much easier. She just has a wonderful way about her. Has great tips to share with you and doesn't give up. She is very committed to achieving the results you are looking for and gets it done. I only wish I had known about her 4 years ago when Sophie was a puppy. Life would have been a lot easier. I would highly recommend her. We could not be more pleased with the results."  The Hamels

"Day Camp is a wonderful program for any owner to consider for their dog. We are amazed at Frank's progression over the past few weeks. James and I now have the tools (and training too) to keep the momentum going !We are very proud of our little man! Can't thank Kieli enough!"  -Sue, James and Frank

"The training Buddy and I completed with you has changed our lives.  It is one of the best investments I have ever made. Buddy is so much calmer in the yard and on walks. His reactive behaviors towards other dogs and strangers have changed 180 degrees from where we were last spring.  Buddy and I now spend much more time together outside. We walk with and visit with neighbors.  We even took a walk with Bear and Kona last week!  My confidence is up and my stress level is down.  We are both much happier.  I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, hard work and patience."  -Ray

"A big shout out to Kieli and a HUGE thank you for all she put in to the training of my lab. Awesome job Kieli...thanks so much, Joplin's doing great! -Phyllis

"Kieli, Thank you so much for all of your knowledge and skill. Day Camp has really changed Dublin & Finley. Our whole family is so much happier with our little furballs! You Rock!" -Fondly Dub, Fin & Family

"Hi Kieli,
G and I wanted to let you know that Bear and Kona have been going on "off leash" walks with us and it has been terrific! They both stay with us and respond to voice commands very well, do their down stays and respond to the recall command. What a change and impact your training has had. We even had an unexpected encounter with a neighbor's dog and all the dogs were well behaved, really great to see. Just wanted to share some experiences of your two favorite students, if I say so myself, and acknowledge the sustained progress that has been achieved. A big THANK YOU to you." -Rocky & G

"Hi Kieli, Just thought I would drop in and say hey and give you some updates on Bentley and Baylee as it has been a couple of years!! Baylee is all grown up now!!! Bentley is doing great (both of them are), he now will let strangers pet him, loves kids (doesn't matter whose they are lol), still heals and listens and loves going for walks! You made a huge difference in our lives and I am actually now enrolled in a dog training school because you introduced a passion for me!!!!! Thanks again" - Jessica

"Hey Kieli, I just wanted to thank you for working with my pit mix Miko. I had people come over last Staurday and he didn't bark or freak out like he has in the past. He put on a total cute dog show all night long, it was pretty funny! I really think I can build on what you started for him. Thank you again you made the training a really fun time!" -Peter